[#7#]24 Games to Keep Everyone Laughing at Your Next Game Night

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Spending time with friends and family? At a loss for conversation? Well, nothing jump starts a dinner party, holiday, or gathering better than a good old game. Whether you love Cards Against Humanity or games that test your flexibility or pop culture trivia games, we've rounded up 24 games that will keep everyone laughing throughout a game night. These games are ideal for kids, adults, or a mix of the two, and the perfect way to unwind with some silliness.

Our favorites? An inflatable reindeer ring toss to burn off calories around the holidays and a classic game of Jenga. Scroll below to check out 24 games that will keep you entertained and laughing until you cry.

Mind Crushers

From the creators of Cards Against Humanity, Mind Crushers features over 200 absurd conversation starters to get the whole family ROFLing.


Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

This is a great game to have on hand as a host. There are 240 hilarious challenges that are suitable for ages 9+. The $25 game has 160 challenge cards, 80 betting tokens, 10 cups, 5 balls, 4 dice, chopsticks, memo pad, tape measure, and a sand timer. Or you could spend $38 to get the game with the expansion pack, which has 80 additional challenge cards and two rule cards.

This game has 15,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.


Taco vs Burrito

With over 17,000 5-star Amazon reviews, Taco vs. Burrito is a super popular game pick. It's great for ages 6+ and can be played in just 15 minutes. The game is fast-paced, fun, and designed for two to four players. One fan raved, "This game was so fun!! It was so quick to learn. My daughter and I played it for 2 hours straight!"


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Watch Ya' Mouth Ultimate Edition

Watch Ya' Mouth is an easy, yet hilarious game where 3-10 players wear a mouth guard and speak out phrases while teammates guess what they're saying. And you can choose from four unique card decks.

Aside from the Ultimate Edition, there's a '90s edition, and another version just for adults. This game has 13,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.


Speed Charades Board Game

This game is a fun twist on an iconic family favorite. Teams will compete head-to-head in a race to act out words for their team members to guess. The adrenaline rush from racing and the exhilaration from winning a round will keep everyone involved and having fun. This game has 280 cards/1400 words and a scorepad. It has 1,500+ five-star Amazon reviews.



Educational Insights Kanoodle Extreme Puzzle Game

If you're looking for a fun challenge, Kanoodle is a great game option. It features 303 puzzles, so there's a lot of replay value, and it's ideal for ages 8+. Best of all, it's portable so you can take it to someone else's game night, on road trips, or when you're eating out at a restaurant.


Heads Up! Party Game

Inspired by Ellen Degeneres' popular app, you can put on a headband and place game cards in with the words facing out and without looking at them while you try to guess what the term is based on teammate's clues.

You can even get an adults' expansion pack to keep the game going.



According to Quickwits, this is a game that's not for kids or grandma. Recommended for ages 17+, it's fast-paced, easy to learn, and ideal for three or more players. One reviewer noted, "It's a great game for adults who don't know each other and don't mind some inappropriate cards in the game."


Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens- A Dodgeball Card Game

This is the world's first dodgeball card game, which is just what you need for an upcoming gathering with family and friends. This game is great for two to six players ages seven and up. You only need fifteen minutes to play. It has 31,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.


Monopoly for Millennials Board Game

Collect experiences not cash to win! And you can also visit millennial-inspired places like your parent's basement and Vegan bistros.


Off Topic

This fast-paced game will stimulate hilarious conversations. Draw a card for a set of topics, roll the die to get assigned a letter, flip the timer, and name as many answers that correspond with each topic and the letter you rolled.

This game comes with a 20-sided die, 16 game cards, 8 white boards, 10 dry erase markers, and a two-minute sand timer.

$29.99$24.99AmazonreadThe Best Family Gifts That Will Delight the Entire Crew This Holiday Season

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo

If you're planning a game night for kids, Zingo is a must-have. You can play with one to six players, ages 4 and up, and it's great for building language and matching skills in a fast-paced setting. Plus it comes with over 22,000 5-Star Amazon reviews.


Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

Written in consultation with child development specialists, the infamous card game is back but in a family-friendly edition! 

This game has 11,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.

$29Walmart $29$14.99Amazon

Freedom of Speech, the Fun Kind

This game is pretty simple, but it can get intense depending on how competitive you are and who you invite to play. All you need to do is get your team to guess the word on the card without saying the word on the card. This comes with 400 cards and a timer.

The game has 2,900+ five-star Amazon reviews.


Truth or Drink

Get your beverages ready, draw a card and ask the questions printed on it! Perfect for adult holiday parties and Zoom get-togethers.

This game has 7,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.


It’s in The Bag!

This game is a crowd pleaser for sure. Round one involves describing words for your team to guess. For round two, you have to describe the word using only one word. For round three, you need to act out the word for your teammates to guess.

This game comes in a Party Version and a Family Version. This game has 2,800+ five-star Amazon reviews.


Not Parent Approved

Enjoy 455 cards designed to re-introduce a love for family game night and to reduce screen time! Not Parent Approved is like Cards Against Humanity but 100% family-friendly.

This bestselling game has 9,800+ five-star Amazon reviews.


Hygge Games …I Should Have Known That!

Does the Statue of Liberty hold a torch in the left hand or the right hand? Do you know how long Aurora was asleep in Sleeping Beauty? Maybe you should. This game asks trivia questions that you should have known, but probably don't, which is just such a fun time.


Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

This game is a must for your holiday gatherings! Put on the inflatable reindeer headset and have your loved ones try to get rings on your antlers.


#CultureTags – A Game for People Who Love Hashtags + The Culture

Get your culture-loving friends together because they'll flip for #CultureTags. It's a game for ages 13+ and can involve two to 20 players. With categories like Black Twitter, Church, Daily Sayings, Family & Friends, Songs & Lyrics, TV & Film, and Words to Live By, it'll keep everyone engaged in the action.


Kids Create Absurdity

Calling all bored kids and parents! A hybrid between Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples, this game will have the whole family laughing until they cry.

This game has 4,500+ five-star Amazon reviews.


Twister Ultimate Edition

Twister: A true classic! Test your flexibility and get tied up in knots with friends. This game always elicits laughter and potential soreness the next day.


Pop Culture Trivia – A Game About Fashions Fads and Crazes

This game serves as a hilarious walk (or race) down memory lane! Millennials can show off their knowledge of Walkmans, Miley Cyrus and other people and trends that have shaped our culture.


Hasbro Gaming: Jenga Classic Game

Jenga is a game that never gets old and it's appropriate for people of all ages. With 64,900+ five-star Amazon reviews, you really can't go wrong with Jenga. Ever.


Games, check. Road trip essentials? Check those out right here.

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—Originally published Dec. 20 at 10 AM PT.